Book-link International
Book Link International, Inc.
Southwest Georgia Branch
A Volunteer Ministry Providing Christian Educational Materials to Believers in Need Around the World!

A Little History

Book-Link began in January 1988. It is an outgrowth of Books For the World, started by the late Owen Cooper, president of Mississippi Chemical Corporation and president of the Southern Baptist Convention. Book-Link International is an ongoing, all volunteer mission project that assists the International Mission Board of the SBC.

Our Mission

  1. To collect, pack, and ship Christian study tools and Bibles to Baptist missionaries, theological students, and international pastors in developing countries.
  2. To provide churches and individuals with opportunities to help Christians preparing to serve God around the world.
  3. To assist in building up libraries in Baptist seminaries, schools for pastors, and other Christian centers on mission fields who have little or no reading resources.

The Need

Financial support is needed to provide for operating expenses, which include supplies, postage and shipping. The average cost for one shipment of 32 pounds is approximately $60.00. While Book-Link assists the International Mission Board, it receives no financial support from them or the Southern Baptist Convention. Book-Link relies on donations from individuals, groups, churches, and associations for financial support.

Christian Ministry Through Book-Link International, Inc.

Since 1988, by the grace of God and through cooperative efforts of many Southern Baptists, Book-Link has shipped more than 1.2 million Christian books, journals, tracts, and tapes to over 6,000 recipients in more than 70 countries at absolutely no cost to the recipients.

Resources Needed in the Mission Field

-Bibles and New Testaments

-Devotionals and Prayer Books

-Concordances, Commentaries, and Commentary Magazines

-Bible Handbooks and Manuals

-Pastor’s Manuals (Excellent item to purchase as a Mission Outreach Project. Greatly needed, but few are available as donated books.)

-Study Course Books

-Bible-Study Series

-Sermon Preparation Books and copies of Proclaim Magazine

-Sunday School Books for Adults, Youth, and Children including Teacher’s Books

-Books concerning Baptist Beliefs, theology, ethics, discipleship, stewardship, evangelism, prayer, and church administration

-Winter Bible Study, Church Study Courses, Vacation Bible School and Sunday School Literature (especially materials in the Exploring the Bible and the Bible Book Series)


-Religious Biographies

-Packets of Gospel Tracts

-Webster’s or compatible English Dictionaries

-Atlases and Encyclopedias

-Decision, Biblical Illustrator, Administrator, and Deacon Magazines

-Bibles, Sermons, and Bible Studies on Tape

Items not to Send

-No items that are significantly damaged

-No novels (secular or Christian)

-No materials with answers already filled in

-No missions, parenting, or other magazines based on American culture


Any of the above needed materials, as well as monetary donations, can be brought to the Bowen Association office.


Monetary donations can also be mailed to:
Flinn Gregory, Executive Director
Book-Link International, Inc. Southwest Georgia Branch
21990 US Hwy 27
Bluffton, GA 39824