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 Your Servant in the Lord,
Dr. Kenneth Cloud, Director of Missions



Our churches choosing to unite together and support one another to be
Healthy Kingdom Churches through Ministry, Evangelism, Discipleship,
Mission giving and going to the uttermost parts of the world.



"There is no promotion above the will of God"

Evang. Junior Hill


Director of Missions . . . . . .

Praise the Lord for great reports of souls being saved. We have been emphasizing “Let’s go Soul Winning” and we have been hearing wonderful news. Bro. Jimmy Dean shared with me how he led a lady to the Lord recently. Bethel has had several saved and 9 baptized. Celebrate Recovery at Southwest Baptist has been seeing folks saved monthly. Mt. Pleasant reports a young man saved.  Fellowship reported 13 in one week. Eldorendo baptized 2 young ladies from Harvest House of Hope.  Lake Seminole baptized several recently, one being the pastor’s son. Springfield  had baptism and two of them were the pastor’s children. I have heard of others but  haven’t been able to confirm them as of yet. Praise the Lord, the fields are “white unto harvest”. You can’t sit in the barn and gather a harvest. You have to get into the field! LET’S GO SOUL WINNING!!

There are a lot of excuses that people use to keep from witnessing. One is, “I don’t want to say the wrong thing.” Anybody can say “God Loves You”; “Jesus died for you”; “Please come to church with me Sunday.” I believe I had rather take a chance on saying the wrong thing, than have them die and go to hell remembering that I was a Christian and never said anything to them. If you are really concerned about what to say, then ask your pastor to show you what to say. Another excuse is “I don’t want to offend anyone.” Which is the greatest offense? Telling them about Jesus dying for their sins, or letting them just die without Christ? Another one is: “I am afraid.” That is one of the reasons the Lord gave us his Spirit. Acts 1:8 He, the Holy Ghost, gives us the courage and the words to say if we will just let Him. Have you ever prayed for boldness to be a witness? Have you ever prayed for the Holy Ghost to guide you in what to say? Souls are dying around us every day. Do you suspect that someone you knew died without Christ? If you knew them that well, did you ever tell them about Jesus dying for their sins? LET’S GO SOUL WINNING!!

Please continue to pray for the Bride of Christ building program. This is one of our mission projects. Please look at the list of items needed to complete this project and pray and ask the Lord what he would have you or your church to do.

Please continue to pray for all of our ministries in the Association. Pray especially for the Alpha Pregnancy Center as there is an urgent need for volunteers. If interested please call the Bowen Center at


Please continue to pray for Brenda and I as we continue to serve with you all. We love you all and pray over you that God will pour out his richest blessings on your church.

Your servants in the Lord,
Bro. Ken and Ms. Brenda


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  August 2017  
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